SUSD Rear Lowering Shackles - Amarok  V6 & 4Cyl

SUSD Rear Lowering Shackles - Amarok V6 & 4Cyl

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SUSD Rear Lowering Shackles - Amarok  V6 & 4Cyl

Lower the rear suspension to match the front suspension height.

Makes your Amarok easier to load, and easier to get in and out of. Perfect to city driving.

Install the SUSD suspension leveling kit to any Volkswagen Amarok to get the ride height equal front to back - the most cost effective way to improve the aesthetics, improve the road handling and make the Amarok more user freindly

Black Hypaflex urethane bushes as standard in the kit. Performance is identical to the Red version


PLEASE NOTE: This product is subject to availability, to confirm availability please CONTACT US to confirm.