Safari Snorkel Filter Sock
Safari Snorkel Filter Sock
Safari Snorkel Filter Sock
Safari Snorkel Filter Sock
Safari Snorkel Filter Sock
Safari Snorkel Filter Sock

Safari Snorkel Filter Sock

Air On Board
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Price is per single unit, however we recommend purchasing two units so that you can swap them out while another is being cleaned.

Your AOB "sock" type snorkel filter comes Vacuum packed for your convenience. Being under vacuum will in no way harm your filter and it will make it easier to store when packing for a trip. You can leave it under vacuum for as long as you want and it will spring back to normal with in a few minutes as soon as you are ready to use it. The AOB Snorkel Sock Pre Filters are designed to be installed on the hood of the snorkel

to remove most of the contamination and dirt from the incoming air. They are effective at removing the larger dirt particles and water droplets. As a result, they will greatly reduce  the dirt reaching the air cleaner, resulting in extended filter life.

The AOB Snorkel Pre Filters are perfect for farm use and the big outback trips over long dusty roads or sandy beaches They can be easily installed by simply slipping the "sock" filter over the snorkel head. The filters are fully reusable and just need a good clean to reuse again or replace with new filters..


V-SPEC Dimensions - 150mm x 100mm

ARMAX Dimensions - 175mm x 125mm

All AOB sock filters are supplied with a single use oil sachet. It is your choice as to whether to run your sock filter wet (with oil) or dry (no oil). When run wet the specially formulated air filter oil will be saturated through out the filter material which will aid in the smaller dust particles sticking with in the filter material. The down side of a wet filter is the filter will become blocked in a much quicker time frame which will require cleaning or replacing.

If you decide to use a wet filter the following instruction will aid you in the easiest and cleanest way to oil your filter.

  1. Tear open the vacuum sealed bag, you will see a pre-tear notch on the side of bag
  2. Remove filter from bag and wait a few minutes for the filter to return to its normal size.
  3. Return the filter to its original bag positioning it in the bag so the front of the filter is facing you.
  4. Tear (from the end) or cut open the oil sachet and deposit the entire sachet onto the front surface of the filter (cover as much of the surface as possible).
  5. Using the bag to stop the oil getting on your hands, aggressively squeeze the oil through the entire filter. "scrunch" the filter tightly in your hands then release it. Do this a few. times until the oil has saturated the filter. Don't worry too much about the oil saturating the sides of the filter. the most important parts is of cause the front where the air flow is.
  6. Once happy with the oil coverage remove from the bag and fit over your snorkel.
  7. *NOTE* The oil has been mixed with a diluted spreading agent that will aid in the total coverage of the oil through out the filter. this spreading agent will evaporate very quickly once you fit the filter leaving only the filter oil behind so if it looks a little "wet" when first fir the filter don't worry its is meant to look like this.