IDrive Throttle Controller by Ultimate9

IDrive Throttle Controller by Ultimate9

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iDRIVE is a plug-and-play throttle controller that allows you to adjust the response from the accelerator pedal and either sharpen up the throttle for great on-road response or to soften the throttle for off-road control. 

Rather than a traditional accelerator cable, many modern vehicles use 'fly by wire' throttle technology. This system relies on a sensor that measures the pedal pressure and position and sends a signal to the vehicle's engine computer which converts to acceleration. Many of these fly by wire systems have a noticeable delay. iDRIVE allows you to tune the signal from the accelerator pedal with 20 inbuilt settings to ensure you find a setting that suits your driving style.

As well as the inbuilt settings, iDRIVE have a unique 'auto' setting, which will automatically change the level of throttle performance based on the pedal pressure. This means that if you’re in traffic and you accelerate gently, it will come on very gently. If you accelerate hard for whatever reason, it will come on more aggressively. The result is the smoothest aftermarket control module on the market.

It doesn’t interfere with a car’s ECU, power, torque or fuel delivery; rather it simply alters the throttle curve depending on driving style by providing new points of reference for the throttle mapping. The result is a massive increase in throttle response without the use of extra fuel.

Will the iDRIVE suit both automatic & manual?

Yes - The iDRIVE will suit both Auto & Manual transmissions, simply hold down the 'mode' button to choose between automatic and manual modes.

What if I don't like the iDRIVE

All iDRIVE units that we sell come with a 30-day money back guarantee - If you don't love it please get in touch and we will arrange to get it back for a refund.

How hard is it to fit

On a 1 to 10 scale, Fitting an iDRIVE comes in at about a 1. With a simple plug & play installation and no tools required, your iDRIVE should be installed in about 2 minutes. If you are having trouble, contact one of our friendly staff for assistance.