Easy Access Combo – L1400 x W1140
Easy Access Combo – L1400 x W1140

Easy Access Combo – L1400 x W1140

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The Easy Access Combo 1 (EAC-1) is one drawer and space for a low mounted fridge slide in the orientation you prefer either left or right. This combo is particularly useful when you have a large fridge such as a 60 litre or larger and you simply must put it on the floor for it to fit in your vehicle.

It is also a safe way to get the fridge down to a manageable height, improving the centre of gravity in your vehicle.

If you need extra storage room you can always add another single drawer module on top of the bottom drawer for a double drawer stack. This drawer is easily removed when your trip is over.

We can even supply an optional carpeted Infill Panel to cover the fridge slide area to give you a flat floor when your fridge is not in the car.

With four different sized heavy duty fridge slides available we are sure we can accommodate any fridge size and weight. Now that’s flexibility!!




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