Drivetech Quickie Tyre Deflator
Drivetech Quickie Tyre Deflator

Drivetech Quickie Tyre Deflator

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Drivetech Quickie Tyre Deflator us a great way to save time airing down. Dropping your tyre pressure in no time!
  • Easy to use all in one mechanism
  • Rubber protection sleeve around gauge head
  • Handy protective storage pouch
  • Remove valve cap and attache the deflator to the valve system connector in a clockwise direction
  • Hold hose collar steady while pushing in valve remover rod and turning it in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • When the valve core is removed the valve remover rod will push out.
  • Slide the hose collar out (away from valve stem) to start deflation.
  • When the desired pressure is reached, push the hose collar back towards the valve stem and screw the valve remover rod back in a clockwise direction
  • Unscrew the deflator by turning the valve stem connector in an anti-clockwise directions and replace valve cap.