CARAVAN CAMERA INTEGRATION VW Amarok NF Next Gen 2023+ - Next Gen Ford ranger

CARAVAN CAMERA INTEGRATION VW Amarok NF Next Gen 2023+ - Next Gen Ford ranger

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Most of the new VW Amarok & NEXTGEN Ford Ranger & Everest now come with a high tech portrait style high resolution 12 Inch screen with all the modern tech and features.

So being a popular Tow vehicle and with most caravans now coming with a caravan camera as standard, adding the images from these cameras into the factory display is much nicer than adding additional monitors on the dash or windscreen. 

By a simple long press of the OK button on the steering wheel you can cycle through up to 3 cameras that can be veiwed while driving. There is also another camera input that can be viewed when in reverse. (See the video to see it in operation)


  • Four Camera Inputs
    • Three Camera Inputs are visible while driving
    • One Camera Input is visible in Reverse
  • Suitable for the following applications:-
    • Single Caravan Camera
    • Dual Caravan Camera
    • Quad Caravan Camera Systems with side view cameras
    • Rearview Canopy Camera
    • Horse Float Cameras for both internal viewing and rear view
  • Option for two of the camera inputs to turn on when vehicles indicators are activated.
  • Camera Image can be viewed while driving forwards while still listening to the factory audio system.
  • Activation of the camera video while driving forwards is via factory steering wheel buttons.
  • Switch between the factory Reverse Camera or  Caravan/Trailer when in Reverse
  • Compatible with both PAL, NTSC & some AHD cameras
  • All options/access to our features use factory buttons, so there is no additional external switches required.
  • Retains all factory features and functionality.
  • Plug & Play installation
  • 2 Year Warranty

Compatible with the following Ford Next-Gen Vehicles:-

  •  Ranger with the 12 Inch Screen
  •  Everest with the 12 Inch Screen

Compatible with the following Volkswagen Vehicles:-

  •  Amarok from 2023 with 12 Inch Screen

Note:- This system is not compatible with vehicles equipped with the 10 inch screen. Please use Part number – part# 1480

Q: Is this system compatible with my existing Caravan’s Camera?
A: Our system is compatible with most Caravan Camera brands on the market and supports PAL, NTSC & AHD video signals. Some popular brands are Safety Dave, Sphere, Polaris and Dometic. 

We understand that this may all sound a little like jibberish to you and it can be confusing, so that’s why our team is here to walk you through the process and help you ensure you get the right solution for your car. 

Please see the next question for connection requirements

Q: Will my Caravan Camera cable need an adapter?
A: Our systems have a Female RCA connection for the caravan camera (see below image #1). Most Caravan Cameras will have a multi-pin plug so an adapter from this connection to a Male RCA is normally required. An example is below in image #2. If you are unsure, please feel free to get in touch with us, send us a picture and we will be able to advise what you will need.

  • Compatible with PAL, NTSC & Safety Dave AHD cameras. Please feel free to email us a picture of your camera and the label on the camera to  you would like to confirm compatibility. 
  • Not Compatible with vehicles with the 10 Inch Screen